What are Fonts?

What is a Fonts?

The font is a character set consisting of letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks. Fonts are distinguished by their size, thickness, and style.

Font Size

Font size is defined in pixels. For example 12 pixels Arial means a font called Arial with a size of 12 pixels.

Font Thickness

Font thickness refers to the thickness of the “lines” or “strokes” of the Font. Font thickness is divided into regular, bold, and light.
Regular or standard is the default thickness of the font while light means that it is thinner than the standard thickness and bold is the thickest.

Font Style

Fonts can be italic condensed (or narrow), compressed, extended, and so on.
Apart from these three things, fonts are also distinguished by design, orientation (from right to left such as Arabic letters), manufacturing methods (by pixels or vectors).

Font Family

Font family, or what is called typeface, is a collection of all fonts that have a similar design to one another.
For example Arial, Calibri, Segoe, and so on.

Arial fonts consist of Arial light, Arial regular, Arial Italic, Arial medium, Arial bold, Arial Black, Arial condensed, Arial Narrow, Arial monospaced, Arial rounded, Arial Cyrillic, Arial greek, and others.

Fonts as Files

Fonts are usually .ttf or .otf. Ttf stands for TrueType fonts, which are the most common font formats used on Windows and Mac computers, as they were created by Microsoft and Apple.
Meanwhile .otf stands for OpenType Font made by Microsoft and Adobe.

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